574 Tukums Castles Circle bicycle route 

  Jaunmoku castle website Durbe castle Shlockenbeka castle

Begins at Tukums1 railway station, goes up to the hill passing sort of line of shops, as last one is big maxima on the right side. Then goes out of town till tiny place called Vecmokas where turns left on to smaller gravel roads what brings to Jaunmoku castle. Route goes back to Tukums through center of town passing other side of Tukums1 railway station, crossing rails, turns up the hill on to Jelgavas street and arrives at Durbe castle, after visiting it you have to decide whether to continue on official big road or try unsafe alternative on what you can get after crossing rails and turning right. Official route goes left up to the hill on bicycle path. After reaching top you have to turn right what brings you to Milzkalne where is Shlockenbeka castle. When finished tour you can go to local rail station, before I am suggesting to check train times at 1188 or using same route come back to Tukums. Of course you can adjust route to your needs. Jaunmoku castle and Shlockenbeka has working hotels, for further information look at theirs websites. About Tukums itself please www.visittukums.lv

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How to get route to Google Maps at your phone -
1.Go to maps.google.lv
2.Log into google, if you dont have account, have to register
3.Click on the cogwheel (at the bottom) and choose My Places
4.Or create with classic My Maps
5.Import Url -  http://t.tukums.eu/574/574.kml
When you login at your phone on Google maps aplication My maps shoud has 574 route

How to load Nokia waypoints -
1.Get to your Nokia nokia.lmx file
2.Open with nokia file manager
3.Mark all waypoints
4.Options->Show on map